Native to Australia, this tough, evergreen shrub is becoming popular here in the desert southwest where it is valued for its low water requirements and its long winter bloom period. Valentine Bush (Eremophila maculata Valentine TM) provides winter color through gorgeous red buds that open to hot pink blossoms December/January through May. The Valentine Emu bush is native of Australia and is relatively new in Phoenix area landscapes. Believe it or not, such a shrub exists. The easter egg, summertime blue and yellow are looking much better than the Valentine … Emu Bush. Emu Bush 'Valentine' I must admit that I am getting a bit tired of looking at my brown, frost-damaged shrubs and perennials. Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’. It is not necessary for all plants to be flowering. It is helpful to mound the soil to improve drainage. A durable, compact evergreen shrub with a softly rounded shape, consisting of small grey-green summer foliage that develops a purplish hue in the winter. Photographer: Gardensoft: Description: This shrub will grow 3-12' tall and has small, leathery, dark green leaves with pink flowers that bloom in spring. When searching for a showy winter bloomer to fill a large spot in the landscape, consider a Valentine Emu Bush (Eremophila maculate 'Valentine'). This desert-loving shrub produces a festival of color. Home » Photos: Plants & Products » Shrubs » Emu Bush – Valentine (click magnifying glass icon to enlarge image) View My Wish List (Eremophila maculata) Add to Wish list. Eremophila racemosa. A good plant for drier areas, as it will be short lived in more humid areas. This Valentine’s day, give your Valentine the gift of a shrub that will bloom during Valentine’s Day for years to come. For more tailored gardens, the Valentine emu bush can be sheared to shape, but its natural form makes it suitable for desert landscapes as well. Native to Australia, Eremophila maculata 'Valentine' can produce masses of bright red tubular flowers from late winter to early spring, and this wonderful show of color peaks just in time for Valentine… Eremophila maculata 'Valentine' Valentine Emu Bush Dense evergreen shrub Full Sun Great fall/winter blooms (can bloom in the summer as well) Well drained soil Shear once a year after blooming season Grows to about 4 ft high and 4 ft wide Valentine Emu Bush Boething Treeland Farms grows over 1,200 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials and specialty plants on ten California nurseries to serve the wholesale landscape and nursery industries throughout the Western United States and beyond. Like many of you, we have had an extremely cold winter (cold for us anyway) and the temperatures in my garden hit a low of 20 degrees.Now I realize that may not seem particularly cold for some of you. In addition to this name, they may also be referred to as Emu Bush, Fuchsia Bush, Tar or Turpentine Bush. This is one of my favorite plants, and it adds priceless winter color to my garden. It is unique to discover a drought-tolerant It is unique to discover a drought-tolerant plant with early season, deep magenta flowers that contrast with typical desert-adapted specimen. Information by Gardensoft : Notes: Planting Instructions: 1. Valentine Emu Bush Eremophila maculata 'Valentine' A lush evergreen shrub which produces masses of red tubular flowers in late winter and early spring, peaking just in time for Valentine's Day. Emu Bush pruning and providing its soil with proper fertilizers is an important part of caring it. Emu Bush (Eremophila maculata Valentine®) - New and Unread Tree-Mails 2. Eremophila Valentine is not particular about soils but will not do well in a soggy garden location, plants … Eremophila Maculata Valentine or Emu Bush. Eremophila are drought tolerant plant, they vary from low growing prostrate ground covers such as Eremophila biserrata and E. subtereifolia plants to … The Emu bush is now just gaining in popularity and becoming increasingly available to homeowners. The Valentine Emu bush, Eremophylla Maculata ‘Valentine’, steps up where summer-flowering shrubs let you down. It will grow to 4′ high by 5′ wide and produces red tubular flowers from winter to early spring. Lower temperatures bring on masses of fuchsia to deep red tubular flowers from January to March, and the plant’s foliage, which is usually deep Eremophila maculata Valentine [Emu Bush] part of the Scrophulariaceae family with Magenta flowers flowering in Fall-winter-spring avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA Lost its lushness rather quickly and got spindly. A one of a kind from Australian Outback Plants. 3485. Category: Drought Tolerant, Woody Ornamentals Mature Height: 2-4’ Mature Width: 2-4’ Light Requirements: Full Sun Water Requirements: Low once established Hardiness Zones: 10, 8b, 9 Looking for great winter color? Emu Bush Fragrance. "Eremophila" means desert loving and the name "Emu Bush" … Small Shrubs 1'-3' Maireana : brevifolia : Blue Bush : tomentosa : Felty Blue Bush : Melaleuca : conothamnoides : Purple Pom Pom Myrtle : violacea : Purple Honey Myrtle And even if they are, chances of them being fragrant are quite rare. Emu bush, Valentine bush. Both types of emu bushes prefer well drained soil—some mulch can be mixed in with the usual desert/clay soil found in most yards. Remove from Wish list. The small oval leaves take on a red tinge in cold weather. Now in bloom: The vibrant Valentine emu bush presents an abundance of showy blossoms January through March. Valentine Emu Bush. VALENTINE EMU BUSH Eremophylla maculata ‘Valentine’ Valentine Emu is a very hardy shrub that brightens desert landscapes in late winter before most other plants have even started to grow. It is good to know all facts About Emu Bush. Cre This is a variable genus, and one of the wonders of Australian Native Plants. Valentine bush before pruning . Eremophila maculata 'Valentine' or red emu bush is a wonderful, naturally-shapely, nice, medium-sized landscape shrub for transition areas within oasis design themes or tough landscape spots. Eremophila 'Valentine' Common Name(s): Valentine Emu Bush. loves the Valentine Emu Bush more; the snowbirds or the hummingbirds! Though it might look sparse when first planted, it … Flowers are followed by grape-like berries. Emu Bush (Eremophila maculata) is a medium-sized shrub with small, round green leaves and a dense, symmetrical growth habit. A fragrant plant is used to make perfumes and gives you a serene experience. The Valentine Emu Bush is just what you need to add vibrant color to any desert and water-wise landscape! TYPE: Shrub SIZE: 5’H by 5’W BLOOMS: Red to hot pink tubular flowers, winter to early spring WATER NEEDS: Low to moderate Valentine has a slightly spiky growth habit and grows to approximately 3-4 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. The Valentine Emu Bush blooms all year but slows down for the summer. I pulled it. Laura Murphy is a Lake Havasu City Master Gardener. PLANT FACTS. When searching for a showy winter bloomer to fill a large spot in the landscape, consider a Valentine Emu Bush (Eremophila maculate 'Valentine'). 'Valentine'") is a(n) Non-Native Evergreen in the Shrubs class and part of our Shrubs department. For better pruning know about minimum height and width in Emu Bush Information. The leaves are tinged red in winter. That was the behavior of my Valentine emu Rene. time. It does most of it's growing in late summer and fall. Needs good drainage and a sunny spot. VARIEGATED EUONYMUS Euonymus japonica aureo-varigata. Here is one of my Valentine (Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’) shrubs. Eremophila Valentine grows to 3 feet tall and will spread to 4-5 feet wide. This rounded, evergreen shrub is an essential landscape addition for desert dwellers who yearn for flashy color in the dead of winter. Pruning once a year in late spring will promote flower growth for the next year. Valentine emu bush (Eremophila maculata 'Valentine') - closeup of flower. Valentine Emu Bush Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’ This rounded, evergreen shrub is an essential landscape addition for desert dwellers who yearn for flashy color in the dead of winter. The VALENTINE (TM) EMU BUSH (also known as "Eremophila sp. Pale green leaves are adorned by bunches of tubular yellow to orange to purple-pink flowers. This winter-flowering specimen is at its best anytime from late spring until the end of winter, when it erupts into a mass of gorgeous lavender flowers. SKU. Eremophila species are locally dominant in many areas, often growing in impoverished sites; in general they are tolerant of harsh conditions, including drought, fire, frost, flooding and grazing - the name Poverty Bush being aptly applied. Let me introduce you to Valentine Bush (Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’). A profusion of inch-long, red tubular flowers form at branch tips in late winter to early spring. Pruning or trimming helps the plant grow faster and stays upright. Be the first to review this product. For more information, contact the Lake Eremophila nivea – emu bush A beautiful silvery foliaged shrub with purple tubular flowers in spring and summer. Eremophila maculata 'Valentine' Valentine emu bush. Categories: Full Sun Plants, Hummingbird Plants, Shrubs Tags: Blooms in Spring, Blooms in Winter, Color … The Valentine bush is an evergreen shrub with lush, green foliage. Plant database entry for Emu Bush (Eremophila maculata Valentine®) with 3 images and 30 data details. The "new and improved" hybrid of Outback Valentine! It is interesting to know about Emu Bush fragrance. Eremophila oppositifolia The Emu Bush Plant Profile. Valentine Bush (Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’) How would like gorgeous red, tubular flowers blooming at Christmas time and lasting past Valentine’s Day, all packaged up in an attractive, low-maintenance shrub? This intense maroon/purple flowering, dense dark green foliage emu bush grows 3' to 6' tall and wide when mature in a couple of years. One of the things that I love about it is that it needs pruning once a year when the flowers have begun to fade. The important thing is to know when to prune and where to prune. Emu Bush Pruning.
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