She is one of the most outspoken and driven characters, and she has been known to stand up for herself and for others in need. On a similar note, there is Pocahontas. These Are Some Of The Smartest TV And Movie Characters Ever — But Which One Is The Smartest? Besides the iconic face of Disney, Mickey Mouse himself, many contemporary characters have achieved worldwide fame including Aladdin, the Genie, the Simba, Pinocchio, Mike Wazowski and all the princesses from Snow For example, Snow White’s stepmother is seen as “intelligent, independent, and is sure of what she wants” (Disney princesses). Everyone doesn’t have to be an extrovert. A one-stop shop for all things video games. In some notable scenes, though, she was shown to be a gifted dancer and singer. He genuinely was an incredibly cruel and unkind young man. On the other hand, she fights for her dreams and knew a good amount about the human world before being part of it. Many would surely agree that this character from Beauty and the Beast is the most intelligent Disney princess! I was thinking only animated Disney movies but yeah, I agree. and she is hard to rank. But that doesn’t make him a good character, or smart. See more ideas about Disney face characters, Beauty and the beast, Disney dream. And, of course, there is Belle, who is book smart and street smart. Thus, it contains an incredible variety of powers due to its technological advancements: 1. He’s not the brightest, but he’s actually one of the most layered Disney Princes.) They solve problems, stand up for themselves, and follow their dreams. He was a cruel man who razed villages and enslaved Native Americans when push came to shove. It is now time for the top five places when it comes down to the most intelligent princesses from Disney! If there’s a problem he’s going to solve it. Another princess that was stuck with a deceitful character (Mother Gothel) was Rapunzel. Different Disney movies can have completely different types of villains. One of the most popular Disney princesses is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and she is hard to rank. .GIFfany 2 Category:20,000 Leagues Under the Sea characters 22 3 3rd Street Bandits 6 627 7 Category:The 7D characters 9 9-Eye 90's Adventure Bear (character) A Category:A Far Off Place A.B.E. Hiro is certainly more of a child prodigy but look at what Adult Lewis achieved. I am a huge fan of Disney in all aspects, movies, characters, songs, books, theme parks. They complement each other thematically, narratively, and as characters. Of course. She actually felt like a whole personality. Therefore I have decided to make the ultimate Disney Character List. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He more or less exists in the background as a means to give his Princess (in this case Cinderella,) a dream to aspire for. He eventually becomes more loving and friendly after he is bought and tamed by Jack Conroy. We need Here are my picks: - * Officer Judy Hopes I love this character. She is one of the most outspoken and driven characters, and she has been known to stand up for herself and for others in need. He doesn’t inspire too much hope on the surface level (and even beneath,) but dig through enough layers and the Beast turns out to at the very least be cultured enough to own a vast library. She also possesses the skills and strengths needed to cook delicious dishes and run a successful business! He’s not the first Prince to take action, but he is the first to stand on somewhat equal ground with his Princess. He’s a bit on the flat side, but he has a charm to him. RELATED: Every Disney Prince, Ranked By Intelligence. It could pick up and throw heavy things such as tanker trucks ove… From Belle to Moana, here are the Princesses ranked by intelligence. John Smith is an interesting character to discuss. He’s got a dorky lovable side to him. She's resourceful, cute, funny and pretty smart. You may remember some of the most famous Disney baddies such as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast , Scar from The Lion King , and Jafar from Aladdin. They aren’t anywhere near as popular or memorable, in large part due to the fact that they tend to be underwritten as characters. Snow White’s Prince exists for one reason and one reason alone: to give Snow White a happy ending. One of the most popular Disney princesses is Ariel from. Disney princesses are leading ladies, praised for their many positive attributes. It’s odd to think of Aladdin as an official Disney Prince considering his character’s entire background is rooted in a distinct lack of royalty, but Prince Ali has to count for something. It’s really a miracle Belle sees anything of value in the Beast. She displayed determination and spirit in Tangled, though, and she ended up with her happily ever after. The two come to understand one another, and it becomes clear that while Naveen is lazy, he’s a very smart man who knows what he wants out of life. Opinions may vary, and the task may be tough, but down below, official. Therefore, the number-two position belongs to Jasmine! Flynn is Rapunzel’s other half in a way few other Disney Princes are. It doesn’t make up for his distinct lack of a personality, but just seeing a Disney Prince do something must have been revolutionary for audiences. With the help of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Prince Philip marches into Maleficent's Castle in one of the best animated sequences in Disney’s canon. Similarly, ugliness and evil are related in 17% of the princess stories. (Beast notwithstanding. Have there been moments that prove this princess can be quite bright? Who seems to possess the most knowledge? Do you reckon Hiro Prince Naveen is almost like a prototype for Flynn Rider. RELATED: Ranking The Disney Revival Era Movies From Worst To Best. Flynn Rider is one of the best written characters in the Disney canon, and the most nuanced Prince. He’s charming, kind, and a racially progressive bloke. He’s the first Disney Prince to actually get off his butt and do something for his Princess. But his arc is strong for a Disney Prince and he ends up becoming a suitable companion for Tiana. They are always so courageous and inspiring. They, of course, always look perfect and dress in fabulous ways. One he’s happy to share with Belle in the good movie. Pat Goltz on February 23, 2014: The Squid told me I They are warm, friendly, and kind, whether they are interacting with animal friends or their true loves. What about Detective Conan, Code Geass, and In 1959, Aurora was introduced through Sleeping Beauty. Afraid not. RELATED: 10 Most Amazing Real Life Toy Story Cosplays You’ll See Today. Living with her evil stepmother and stepsister did provide her with food and shelter, but it also meant that she was bossed around all day, cooking and cleaning and missing out on the fun. 1 Prince Naveen (Princess & The Frog) Prince Naveen is almost like a prototype for Flynn Rider. This princess also has the knowledge needed to deal with slime balls, saves fathers and transforms beasts into true loves. RELATED: Disney: Ranking 10 Side Characters, From Worst To Best Disney movies are known for producing some of the very best inspiring quotes and a big part of that is how intelligent many of the Disney characters are. They share similar backgrounds (with Naveen’s royalty front and center,) and are generally depicted as charming leading men. The Omnidroid v.10 was an extremely powerful and supremely dangerous weapon of mass destruction. No, it’s not a display of intelligence, but Philip is competent on a level his predecessor princes weren’t. Plus, he does marry Jasmine when all is said and done, so yeah, Aladdin is a Disney Prince. Whether she is discussing important issues with her father, going up against bad guys, reflecting on her day, or flirting with a love interest, she is displaying bold and bright characteristics. He probably is the most competent, actively solving all his problems by the end of his movie. She is a very enlightened woman, with interesting interests and a beautiful outlook on life. However, she is ridiculed and But which princess is the smartest? Disney characters ' 'Olu Mel. Cassie is highly intelligent, loyal, and an extremely logical thinker who plans every step before she takes it. She solved a … As everyone knows, she loves literature, and reading expands vocabularies, opens up creativity, and provides information. Disney Research Figure 1: Our intelligent virtual characters can navigate real world environments (right) and react to objects that collide with them (left). She was young, she was cursed, and she was asleep for a good portion of her story. As a result, some of the early Disney Princes can come off as quite… daft. Hans is technically an unofficial Disney Prince, but he’s still worth pointing out considering he would be an official Prince were he not ultimately Frozen’s main villain. Move over, Sherlock Holmes -- the girl geniuses have arrived. This is all clouded under a mess of a movie, of course, so take it with a grain of salt. Great list! Without The Prince, the film’s story comes to a rather bleak close. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Dwarfs have avenged Snow White, but she remains dead. He becomes afighting dogafter Beauty Smith buys him. It just took some time before any of that goodness came into her life! In some notable scenes, though, she was shown to be a gifted dancer and singer. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. You can return your purchase in a few simple steps by using ReBOUND. Them working together so often only makes Flynn come off more intelligent, even if he does lack conventional schooling. Still, the early Princes all play important structural roles in their film which are interesting to observe. When I'm not writing, I'm probably playing with my cat, vacationing with my family or watching Netflix with my husband. First up is Tiana. Superman (first appearance: 1938) Created by Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster for Action Comics #1 (DC Comics). Two princesses who take much more initiative would be Moana and Merida, and they are receiving a tying score on this list; they are both young, but in their movies, they both were daring and seemed pretty bright. Eventually, she stood up to Lady Tremaine, which took wit and bravery, and she went on to woo a prince, fit her foot into that glass slipper and get her happily ever after. While he ends up reviving Snow White with true love’s kiss, he isn’t present for anything else in the film other than his introduction. Mia Tuk, better known as White Fang, is one of the main characters in Disney'sWhite Fang. He knew Pocahontas, but she was very young at the time. Disney Princesses are known for their optimism, kindness, and bravery. How do you think Hiro compares to Lewis from Meet the Robinsons? The 100 most iconic, well-known, and generally beloved fictional characters of film, television, literature, and pop culture since the turn of the 20th Century. by Evelina Zaragoza Medina Them working together so often only makes Flynn come off more intelligent, even if he does lack conventional schooling. 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This princess also has the knowledge needed to deal with slime balls, saves fathers and transforms beasts into true loves. Disney women know how to get things done. That’s a pretty damning move, one that results in a humiliating defeat at the hands of both Elsa and Anna, but the fact he comes so close to getting everything he wanted is impressive. Strength:The Omnidroid v.10 was incredibly strong. In honor of MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL’s release, and as a celebration of the spooky season kicking into full gear, we’d like to share our list of the top 10 Disney villains of all time. Cassie usually never breaks the rules, but she has one exception: Bitty, her pet glowfur – which she is not allowed to have at By the last act, Hans has actually succeeded in claiming rule over Arendelle. But is she one of the smartest Disney princesses? Please note that some delivery options may require a printer. The real life John Smith was not this casanova of a man who could intimately connect with nature or the Powhatan people. RELATED: 10 Hilarious Disney Fan Art Photos That Would Make Even Maleficent Laugh. Disney John Smith is another story entirely! From a tiny Texas town of 300, I made my way to the University of Texas at Austin to study journalism, which spurred me on to write for publications like New York’s Resident Magazine, Austin Home and Us Weekly and to cover events such as South by Southwest, Austin Film Festival and New York Fashion Week. The Prince offers a miraculous happy ending, befitting of a fairy tale. Snow White may be the original of this group, the one who started it all, but she does not seem super smart. However, Aurora is not going to receive a high score on this list, due to being tricked and relying on a man to be saved. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. She displayed determination and spirit in. It will be neat to see what is next for these characters, as they will surely grow to be even stronger and smarter. Dr. Stone: 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked Senku is possibly one of the brightest characters in anime, but he's not the only clever one in the world of Dr. Stone. The key difference being that Flynn is depicted as more likable than Naveen who has to grow into his likability over the course of the movie. Excellent list and some great characters. Simple Samosa | Brand New Disney Channel Show Samosa is our enthusiastic hero, with a warm heart, which makes him feel for his fellow citizens. Next is Mulan, someone who can disguise herself, trick people for a good cause, and face an array of battles and obstacles in life. We’re willing to bet that you’ve been inspired by a Disney … But which princess is the smartest? And in their stories, they face challenges that require some serious thinking. Opinions may vary, and the task may be tough, but down below, official princesses from Disney are ranked by their intelligence! Who seems to possess the most knowledge? He’s likable, charming, goofy, bright, crafty, and all around cool without being edgy. Vote on this Walt Disney Characters poll: ★ Disney Character of the Month - Do you think Gaston is intelligent? I agree, the emphasis on “strong” female characters now feels stock and rote. I’ve seen most of those shows and agree they make interesting characters. He’s not about this whole “Savages” nonsense. Pocahontas should be more than a vaguely racist Halloween costume, she should be respected for being the most subdued, intelligent, and mature of the Disney Princesses. Through Pocahontas, Disney’s John Smith has his mind opened, coming to truly see the the Powhatan as equals–just people sharing the same land. Not just that, he has the decency to at least spare Mulan when he learns the truth of her gender. Prince Eric takes Ariel for who she is, how she interacts with the world. NEXT: Every Disney Renaissance Movie (Ranked By Metacritic). Now, this is a classic tale about a girl pricking her finger of a spinning wheel spindle and needing, Another princess that was stuck with a deceitful character (Mother Gothel) was Rapunzel. When it does near the end of the film, he does at least have the agency to have Cinderella’s glass slipper fitted on every woman’s foot, so that he may find his true love. Albeit really only in the last act. How would a ranking go, based on the brightest of these characters? However, to be the survivors that they are, they also must be pretty intelligent. That speaks to a profound lack of emotional intelligence. The Prince misses essentially the entire plot, oblivious to anything and everything that has happened to Snow White over the course of the movie. As mentioned, maturity is part of being smart, and wit is a form of intelligence. These days, some of the smartest characters from kids' movies, TV shows, and books are female. Disney fans spend hours discussing the attributes of Disney Princesses, so let's take some time to dissect the intelligence of the princes for a bit! That shows a considerable amount of emotional maturity on his part, and Eric himself takes after Philip in actually contributing come the climax of The Little Mermaid.
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