And it is not someone like you that I need, I wouldn’t settle for anyone less than you. ... “I’m going to hug you all so hard when restrictions are lifted. I used to say, all I need is you. Dad got down to his son’s eye level and said, “I need a hug.” ... Or, “I can see you really want my attention right now. So don’t be surprised if when COVID is over you have a line of callers at your door waiting for that hug. The more people you hug, the greater your risk; so, limit your hugging to those closest to you (and only if they are following the COVID safety guidelines). 7. 8. The 40 Cute Couple Quotes “Very much” doesn’t even begin to describe how much I need you. Go ahead and be all talk. I wish you a Happy Hug day my dearest." It certainly feels good to hug someone you love, and based on research on the health benefits of touch (Gallace & Spence, 2010), it should also provide a boost to your immune system. Skin hunger is the biological need for human touch. You want to hug your family and friends and hang out with them again, and not this rude coronavirus, who barged in uninvited, causing chaos, fear, sickness and death worldwide. I wish I could hug you right now." I love you and I don’t have time right now but I’m looking forward to our special time at 7:30.” (Of course, this requires advance planning to make sure you have set up scheduled, special time with your … "Though we are in a long distance relationship, I always feel that your arms are around mine. You can both partake. "This Hug Day, I want you to know that you are the reason behind my happiness. Now that you understand how powerful visualizing a hug is, get on the phone and talk to someone you love through that same hug. "It's a horrible thing to think that we would be here as the World Health Organization saying to people, 'Don't hug each other,'" said Michael Ryan, MD, executive director of WHO's emergencies program. Getting a hug is a great feeling. "That is the brutal reality in places like the United States right now," he continued. Sometimes, however, there's no one around to give you that hug you need. But I’ve grown wiser since and now I say, you needing me is all I need. Heaven, I need a hug Is there anybody out there willin' to embrace a thug Feelin' like a change of heart And all I really need is a sign or a word from God So shower down on me (Shower down on me now), wet me with your love I need you to take me (Please) and lift me up, yeah Yeah (Said I'm callin' on heaven) Heaven, I need a hug I don’t just need a hug, I need YOUR hug. You should avoid hugging people in high-risk groups due to age (over 60) or medical conditions (lung disease, cancer, and so on). It can instantly lift your mood, making you feel safe and appreciated. I was lying. 2. "It's terrible." "The epidemic in the U.S. is punishing. April Kaiserlian, a psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor and co-founder of Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness spoke with 13 ON YOUR SIDE about the need for daily hugs.
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